About Us

We've spent a lot of hours watching travel television and we've found our favorite travel hosts have two things in common: they travel alone and meet up with fabulous friends who offer them exclusive access to amazing places around the world.  So we started wondering, what about the rest of us?  How do you see and do great things on a reasonable budget when you don't have glamorous friends scattered around the globe helping you make the most of your travels?  Sure, we've got amazing friends but they travel with us.  We go with our families to Disney World, take weekend trips to New York with our friends, hike through the Peak District with our closest pals, meet up with college buddies in China and hang out in London with our colleagues...and we do it all with two weeks of paid vacation each year.  We think it's awesome when people sell their homes, quit their jobs and travel the world but we have jobs, families, friends, student loans and we kind of like our houses.  So we're off to see the universe a little bit at a time using our standard corporate vacation time and a little creativity.  We'll try to bring you the travel advice we'd like to receive - how to find the right bus into town, why you should stay at a particular hotel, the best time to see your new favorite museum - and our tips for the best tourist attractions and the must-see places you might not know about.  It's travel.  The way you travel.  With your friends.